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Soldat Mod Mixer 2.3

The Soldat Mod Mixer allows you to combine resources to create a custom mod
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The Soldat Mod Mixer is a tool to customize your own mod for Soldat. The official download of Soldat already includes several mods besides the main game, such as the Mech mod or the aliens mod. What this program does is allowing you to control basically all elements of Soldat and its mods. You can grab models from two different mods, and combine them with sounds from a third mod, and graphics from a fourth mod. This way you can play a fully-customized mod. You also have the chance to add your own sounds and textures to the game this way. This program also allows you to configure the game profiles you have installed on your Soldat, giving you control on the model you want to use for the main game (you can use the mech one if you want, but only you will see it). The installation is a bit tricky, and you also need Microsoft's .Net framework for the program, but its not a major complication. The Mod Mixer is a really handy application that all Soldat players will appreciate. It is very recommendable for anyone with the game installed.

Ismael Mireles
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